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What is Involved in Resolving a Claim or Issue with the Home?

Mediation. In the majority of cases, the root of many disagreements is a breakdown in communication between the Builder and the Homeowner. Often, all it takes to get a problem resolved is for someone to take on the role of mediator and assist the other parties in arriving at a fair and reasonable agreement, based on the warranty standards provided. Before formal arbitration or costly litigation is used, HOME does its best to mediate disputes between Members and Homeowners. Mediation is an informal process involving the Homeowner, the Builder and HOME of Texas during the Builder’s period of responsibility. In this initial process, there is no charge to either party.

Arbitration.  If the issue is not resolved during mediation, the next step is arbitration, which is a formal procedure to resolve disputes conducted by a neutral, independent arbitrator. Arbitrators used by HOME of Texas are experienced in arbitrating residential construction matters. The decision of the arbitrator under our programs is binding on all parties, including the Builder as well as the Homeowner, unless prohibited by law.  Initially, the fee for the arbitration is paid by the Homeowner; however, the final decision on which party is responsible for the fee is made by the arbitrator.

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