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Why Should Real Estate Professionals Care About New Home Warranties?

Distinguishing Feature

The market for new home construction sales is complicated and competitive. As a Real Estate Professional, that’s no surprise to you. Builders compete against each other as well as the resale and foreclosure markets for sales. A 10 year written warranty is a distinguishing feature that makes your new home listings even more attractive to potential homebuyers.


Reduced Liability

HOME’s 10 year warranty plans assure the buyer that either the builder or the warranty company will rectify warranted defects. That’s a direct advantage to the Real Estate Professional looking to manage professional liability in real estate transactions.



If your buyer needs to resell their home within the 10 year warranty term, the balance of the warranty is transferable to the next owner, which is an excellent marketing advantage.

Qualified Members

Only builders that meet or exceed HOME’s membership criteria are approved. HOME looks for applicants that have demonstrated technical competence, financial stability, and professional building ethics.


Buyer’s Peace of Mind

Major structural defects exceed $30,000 on average. That’s a hefty price tag for your buyers to handle if there is a structural issue in the house but the builder is unable or unwilling to correct it. With a 10 year insured warranty from HOME, your buyers have recourse to get warranted defects repaired according to written warranty standards.

Offering a HOME of Texas 10 Year Limited Warranty on each house I build provides me with a competitive advantage over my competition. I am proud of my product and feel confident in giving my buyers an insured warranty. By providing protection for my buyers I have in turn provided protection for my company at a very reasonable rate.  The HOME of Texas warranty combined with the RWC Insurance Advantage GL policy allows me to sleep well at night.

Bob, F., Amarillo, TX Builder

Program Diversity

HOME of Texas offers various warranty options and programs


Enhances Value

Of course, the big picture here is that a new home warranty enhances the home’s value and increases the probability of a sale in a complicated and competitive market. That’s a benefit worth pursuing in any economy!

FREE Marketing Materials

HOME of Texas provides free consumer brochures, sample warranty books, lot signs and more to help you market the home. Knowing a third party insured warranty is available provides an extra level of peace of mind to any buyer. Our materials help to explain what the warranty is and what it means to them so that you can close the deal a little more quickly.


Dispute Resolution

Every HOME of Texas warranty comes with a dispute resolution process that is tried and true. Builders and Homeowners may not always see eye to eye even with a written warranty, The HOME Limited Warranty includes FREE mediation to resolve disputes inexpensively and quickly. A formal binding arbitration process is also available if needed. Having this dispute resolution process in place reduces the likelihood that the real estate professional will get embroiled in customer service issues after closing.

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