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You know that one great marketing advantage that you can discuss with your potential home buyers is when you build a house and use better materials than your competition. Unless the home buyer has done his or her homework to research building materials, they may not know the difference between one grade of carpet and another or have a good understanding of “R values”. The only way they may better understand the “value added” of your upgraded materials is IF YOU TELL THEM. You train your sales force how to educate prospects so that they are smarter shoppers and can compare everything you do or offer that’s “above standard” because you want them to choose you as their builder instead of that “other guy”.

The same principle holds true with your 10 year new home warranty program! When you use a HOME of Texas warranty, you’re using a better product than “the other guy’s”, especially all those builders who go it alone and self-insure. But it’s up to you to explain it to your buyers so they understand the value to them. And we are very confident that the average homeowner in Texas today will be impressed with the level of concern you demonstrate by adding this program to your homes.

Well-Built Homes Often Sell Themselves. But… Showing A Prospective Buyer What the Differences Are In Your Homes Never Hurts!

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