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Time for a Tune Up?

On November 19th, the Formula One Grand Prix World Championship took over the streets of Las Vegas. Before we know it, we will be exiting 2023 and racing toward the end of the year. With that in mind, now may be a good time to glance in the rearview and reflect on this past year in preparation for 2024.

Warning lights glowing on the dashboard can signify that it is time for maintenance. Our businesses, however, do not have cut and dry notification systems. This makes it very easy to forget the importance of regular tune-ups. Add in the fluidity of changes in the real estate industry and without warning you could easily end up spinning out.

Brainstorming new ideas can start with simple questions. Has your company seen an increase or decrease in the number of homes being built? What are your competitors spotlighting in their marketing? What sets your company apart from the pack?

If it has been several years since you performed this type of check-up, you are not outside of the norm. Unless something very clearly veers off course, we can inadvertently miss areas of opportunity or forget the importance of reviewing marketability.

Market fluctuations, inflation, and recession talks have fueled changes in every facet of our industry. These economic barriers have, in some cases, led to an increase in insurance rates and brought about a resurgence of unique marketing strategies. Idling in the comfort zone of day-to-day ‘business as usual’ could potentially prevent you from propelling forward.There are numerous ways in which the HOME of Texas Warranty can help determine if things are running efficiently, starting with a general overview to confirm your company is getting the most out of our partnership. Here are a few examples of how we can help:

  • Provide a comparison insurance quote.
  • Set up extended appliance coverage.
  • Confirm you have the most up to date marketing materials.
  • Review what programs or rewards options may fit your structure better.
  • Train your team on our products and the function of the warranty.

Our goal, as your warranty service provider, is to offer solutions which help your business consistently run efficiently. Consider Diana Gomez, your local Account Executive, to be a part of your personal pit crew here to get you back on track.

As always, we look forward to working with you and your team. Our biggest compliment is your positive feedback and referrals.

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