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Sales Achievement Awards

Every year, we look back to the prior year and acknowledge the hard work put forth by our team of Account Executives. 2020 certainly proved to be a challenging year in oh-so-many ways. Our sales staff had to adjust to building relationships over the phone, by email, and by text, as opposed to sitting across a desk, face-to-face, and shaking hands to seal a deal. HOME, RWC, and MHWC are very proud of our team because, in the face of adversity, they found ways to be successful and contributed in their own way to the ongoing success of our building industry. Through their efforts, more builders are protected with a valuable warranty that helps them manage their risk and more homeowners have the “sleep tight” coverage that is desperately needed in times of uncertainty.

We reward sales efforts in all the normal and routine categories you think of when you consider sales awards, so categories like most new members, most homes, etc are always in the mix. But we also acknowledge the reps that do all the other “little things”, sometimes the intangibles, that add up to a truly successful and long-term career. That type of activity makes up our Outstanding Account Executive of the Year award and is our most prestigious accolade. HOME – RWC – MHWC has a small sales team but we are truly blessed with a group that works harder than the numbers would deem possible. They are a talented and extremely conscientious class of salespeople which makes picking the “Top Dog” for any particular year a highly difficult challenge.

For 2020, our Outstanding Account Executive of the Year title is bestowed upon Staci Cool, (pictured right) a 2nd-time winner of this award and well deserved. Patience, tenacity, product knowledge, dependability, and willingness to work selflessly for the team are just a few of Staci’s qualities that made her the person to spotlight. Staci has been with us for 4 years covering a variety of states in the Midwest. From her accumulated knowledge of the home warranty industry to her excellent customer service, she is an invaluable asset to the many RWC members she has brought into our fold. Additionally, Staci is a regular contributor to our newsletters and we always appreciate her fresh perspective.

Our success is nothing without our team and certainly, no one person makes or breaks us but together we are a force to be reckoned with in the industry. We appreciate Staci’s efforts to lead that charge.

The rest of the team earning awards and recognition in 2020 are listed in the 2021 Texas Times Spring issue of the newsletter. Check it out!

Special Thanks!
In addition to our salespeople, we have a support team that is simply top-notch and they deserve our thanks for a job well done.

Jody Lehman – Assistant Sales Manager
Ann Cooper – Administrative Assistant
Agnes Brennan – Retention Liaison
Susan Duncan – Texas Support

While the salespeople in the field generally are the ones that gain recognition the people behind the scenes are extremely important to provide the support needed to get the job done. So my sincerest thanks go out to Jody, Ann, Agy, and Susan for the work they do on our behalf. We simply couldn’t do the job without you!

Congratulations to the entire Sales Team and we look forward to an incredible 2021!

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