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Dear Valued Texas Members

Dear Valued Texas Members,

There are no words adequate enough for what you’ve gone through in the path of Hurricane Harvey. The media described it as a “once in a 1000 years” kind of event. The pictures of the devastation are soul-crushing but the stories of heroism on the part of so many people who risked their own lives and property in order to help other human beings in need are inspiring.

It is with heartfelt sincerity that we extend our sympathies for your trials and our encouragement for your recovery. The purpose of this note is quite simply to let you know that we here at HOME of Texas are thinking of you, of your employees, of your homeowners and all the families devastated by this storm. So many lives and businesses have been disrupted in the storm zone from the unprecedented rain fall and flooding. What has been inspiring, in the face of so much loss, are the stories of rescue and aid being brought to those left stranded, not just by government resources, but by neighbors helping neighbors.

The company has made a donation to the hurricane relief effort. It seems like such a drop in the bucket in the face of so much need. Builders in Texas are among the most resilient group in the country, whose spirit to overcome adversity is matched only by their great generosity of heart. We hope that you will find not only the stamina to overcome these obstacles you now face but to come out on the other side of this storm stronger than ever. Our thoughts and our prayers are with you and your families.


HOME of Texas

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