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Warranty is a Driving Factor in a Home Buyer’s Decision

builder and homeowner talking in new construction.Typically home buyers have the choice of two types of homes on the market: resale or new. According to NAHB, home buyers planning to buy (or build) a brand-new house or condo often cite energy efficiency, an open floor plan, a warranty, and being able to select specific items such as appliances, types of flooring, and colors schemes as factors driving their choice.

Let’s talk about that one intangible product homeowners want that isn’t used or seen on a daily basis – a warranty. Friends and family may admire the great room’s high ceilings or ooh and ahh over the gourmet stove, but that doesn’t make a warranty any less attractive. In the event that a home would develop a Defect, a homeowner will be grateful that their Builder was savvy enough to protect their home with a warranty. The average cost to repair a major structural failure exceeds $30,000. Having a written and insured warranty in place on the home means that warranted structural components will be repaired without causing the homeowner serious financial hardship. Now that kind of peace-of-mind is truly priceless.

The numerous advantages of having a warranty on a newly built home simply go beyond words on paper. It’s a state of mind — a feeling of security and comfort. In fact, a new home warranty from Residential Warranty Company, LLC (RWC) is one of the least expensive, longest lasting products a builder can purchase for the homes they build. It brings incredible value to the table not only for the builder and the initial sale but subsequent resale value as well.

With over 3 million homes warranted and 35+ years’ experience under our belt, RWC and affiliates have established itself as a rock solid leader in home protection and risk management. So we ask, besides your standard 10-year warranty, how else can RWC help you and your buyers?

Remodeling? There’s a warranty for that. Building a modular or log home or working on a commercial project? We have that covered, too. Or maybe you’re looking for something a little more customized for the state you build in? We’ve got an exclusive for you! RWC’s Customized State Warranty (CSW) Program is the most unique and specialized warranty program in the industry. Each individual state warranty is crafted to meet that state’s statutes regarding new home warranties. Also available are free training session for your staff, free marketing materials, and various commercial lines of insurance including general liability, builder’s risk and contractor’s equipment exclusively for members through the RWC Insurance Advantage.

Whether you are brand new to RWC or a longtime member, know that we are here to help you provide the peace of mind that homeowners crave. Be sure to take full advantage of the numerous warranty options and services.  Don’t miss this opportunity to give your buyers the best house warming gift yet!


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