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Why RWC is the Best Option for Your Business

house with shield in front of it with RWC logoWhen a builder provides a warranty on a newly built home, what exactly does that mean to your buyer and to you? It means protection, security, peace of mind and value. And a warranty from Residential Warranty Company, LLC will provide just that. One of the least expensive, longest lasting products a builder can purchase for the homes they build is an RWC warranty.

So why exactly is RWC your best choice?

OPTIONS: The RWC “Menu of Choices” allows you the ability to offer the best Warranty program for your business. From our FHA/VA accepted Standard 10 Year Warranty to our Day 1 Coverage Warranty to our Customized State New Home Warranty to our Remodelers Warranty and more, we have what your business needs.

FLEXIBILITY: RWC’s members are able to pick and choose which Warranty options to use and which projects they wish to enroll. We do not require 100% enrollment on detached homes.

MARKETING FEATURES: RWC provides its members with FREE attractive marketing materials to help promote your business and set yourself apart from your competition.

EASY: RWC offers online enrollment, the ability to order marketing materials, renew memberships and run reports through Warranty Express.

EXPERIENCE: RWC has been in business for 35+ years and has warranted over 3 million homes to date. The average tenure of our employees is 18 years.

STRENGTH: RWC’s insurer, Western Pacific Mutual Insurance Company (WPMIC), A Risk Retention Group, is A.M. Best rated “A- (Excellent)”. WPMIC insures only our thoroughly screened builder members and no other catastrophic risks such as planes, trains or automobiles, which can affect an insurer’s strength and equity. Less risk equals more strength. In fact, WPMIC currently has over $111 million in surplus equity.

CREDIBILITY: RWC’s membership criteria presents us with the strongest builder members. This screening process reinforces your credibility as an RWC member.

PROTECTION: RWC offers FREE mediation. When needed, binding arbitration is also available. Both offer effective resolution for Warranty disputes. This reduces your risk of litigation and legal fees.

ADVOCACY: RWC provides support to the Home Building Industry through our involvement and financial contributions as a member of local, state and national Home Builder Associations across the United States.

Our mission is to provide a level of security to homeowners and Builders alike. We can help you in maintaining or improving your customer service, define and limit your liability, and provide the warranty and insurance products your company needs. For more information, don’t hesitate to call 800-247-1812 x2149 or email


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