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Your Warranty Company Is On The Move

builder-by-framing-and-blueprintWith the building industry experiencing a continuing resurgence recovering from the “Great Recession”, HOME of Texas, RWC and MHWC are immersed in their own growth pattern as well. The financial strength of the insurers for the programs continues to grow.

Personnel Changes:
Kicking off our growth pattern at the start of the year was the decision to expand our Sales Department.

Marnie Harrington joined the team in March and handles the greater Houston area as well as most of eastern Texas.

Mark Smiley took over the reins in Central, Southern and Western Texas from his home base near the San Antonio area.

Membership Drive:
To get the enthusiasm amped up, the company rolled out a membership drive/contest for the Sales Department which centered on a Superhero theme. Competing against one another as different superheroes, battling “villains” to win various challenges, kept the motivation at an all-time high. Twelve weeks of hard work resulted in 288 new HOME/RWC Members projecting in excess of 3150 homes to be enrolled. That enthusiasm propelled the companies through the summer and into the fall on a decidedly upward trajectory.

What we want each of you to know is that HOME, RWC and MHWC are working hard for you, to bring value to you in the form of excellent customer service, efficient complaint handling, simplified enrollment procedures and enhanced marketing appeal. If there’s something we can do for you to help you utilize the programs better, we are only a phone call away!

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