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Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery

choices collage graphic jpgRWC’s been around for over 30 years and we have 3 million warranties under our belt. We think we know a thing or two about the warranty industry and we don’t really lose sleep over what “the other guys” are doing. That’s because our programs are so successful that we don’t have to copy them. But we always get a chuckle when we see those other guys “copying our homework”.

Take our name for instance. There’s one competitor out there that tries to get leads by pretending to be “Residential Warranty Company”. Nice try. There’s only one RWC and we’re it. When we run a Membership drive… the other guys run Membership drives. At RWC, we strive to innovate… not imitate.

Want a warranty company that’s been around for a while?

RWC’s been in business since 1981. That’s 33 years of experience… without name changes, company buyouts or corporate restructuring. Just us … for 33 years and counting.

Want a warranty company that’s experienced and not a “newbie” when it comes to warranty resolution?RWC’s administered more than 3 million home warranties. Not every home has claims but when issues arise, don’t you want a company behind you that truly understands what they are doing?

Want a warranty company that’s on solid financial ground? RWC’s new home warranties are backed by an insurer that has been rated “A-(Excellent)” since 2001. Think about what our housing industry went through during that time frame and in spite of it all, our insurer maintained its exemplary rating. What’s more, neither RWC nor any of our Principals have ever been under supervision or receivership. In fact, our insurer boasts a surplus equity of over $100 million dollars. Ask the other guys what skeletons are in their closets!

Want a warranty program that gives you choices? RWC issues over 80 different types of warranties. From the standard FHA approved variety to the customize state version to the specialty warranties for remodelers, building systems manufacturers, commercial contractors and even detached garage builders, RWC has what you need.

Want a warranty company who provides you with FREE FULL-COLOR marketing materials? RWC wants the warranty program to work for you, not only for risk management, but also as a marketing tool. Check out our full-color warranties and we think you’ll agree.

Want a warranty company who’s willing to let you be rewarded for your own good claims experience? RWC’s exclusive Incentive program has rewarded builders with over $20 Million in Incentive distributions!


Don’t be fooled by the “pretenders”.

Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve – the best value for your dollar, and that’s RWC!

So go ahead & look at the other guys. We’re patient. We’ll wait for you.

RWC… We’ve Got Warranties NAILED!

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