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Congratulations to Sales Awards Recipients

Residential Warranty Company, LLC (RWC), a leading provider of insured new home warranties to the building industry, and its affiliates HOME of Texas (HOME), and MHWC wish to acknowledge and congratulate the 2016 Sales Awards Winners! The Account Executives recognized this year for their individual achievements have each generated much business activity logging appointments, PR visits, phone calls, mailings, in addition to all of the day-to-day basics that ultimately resulted in another successful and productive year.

The Outstanding Account Executive of the Year Award is the companies’ premier award and is bestowed upon the Account Executive who puts forth the most effort in a multitude of categories. While Sales obviously are a critical factor, there are many other duties important to the sales process that pave the way for the sale to be made. The Outstanding Account Executive of the Year Award encompasses all these many factors.

For 2016, RWC, HOME, and MHWC are excited to announce another first-time winner, Freddy Pesqueira, as our Outstanding Account Executive of the Year. Freddy is one of our newer Account Executives, with us just three years this fall, but his knowledge of the home warranty industry, combined with his excellent customer service, is unparalleled and makes him a true asset to the many RWC members he has brought into our fold.

As any sales-driven organization is well aware that the success of a company is unobtainable without dedicated and hard-working sales people. This year, several different Account Executives worked their way into contention for all of the companies’ top awards, truly a well-rounded and dedicated sales force.

account executive with sales awards for warranty company

Outstanding Account Executive of the Year:  Freddy Pesqueira (pictured left), followed by John Felbaum, and rounding out third place with a tie - Jana Watts & Tifanee McCall.

Most Warranted Homes: Freddy Pesqueira, followed by Tifanee McCall, and Jana Watts.

Highest Approval Percentage: Freddy Pesqueira followed by Patrick Basom, and Mark Smiley.

Most Applications Received: Jana Watts, followed by Tifanee McCall, and rounding out third place with a tie -  Freddy Pesqueira & John Felbaum.

“Foundation Builder”: John Felbaum,  followed by Rich McPhee, and Jana Watts

Most Improved: Fred Taylor

Rookie of the Year: Patrick Basom

Special recognition goes to Jody Lehman, our Administrative Assistant because without her support here in the office, it would be much harder for any of us to be successful. She’s the one that prepares rate illustrations, sends out mailings, arranges trade shows, keeps PDFs up to date and in general… is here for the Sales Team. While the sales people in the field generally are the ones that gain the recognition, the person behind the scenes is extremely instrumental in providing the support needed to get the job done.

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