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Yard Space Ranks High on Homeowner’s Wishlist

Having a little (or a lot) of green space to relax and enjoy time with family and friends is always a perk when thinking about your home. The possibilities of a great outdoor space are beneficial not only for your property value and added charm, but a backyard can be a stress reliever to balance out your busy lifestyle.

Sure, a yard comes with maintenance, but it’s manageable. Some may even find joy and satisfaction in mowing the grass in perfectly straight lines or tending to beautiful flowers you’ve proudly planted from seeds.

The benefits are endless. It’s a place to entertain, grill, and relax with friends. Gardening can be zen and provide a bounty of fresh food for your family. The kids (and fur babies) are free to safely run and play; and don’t forget, a pool is always a life saver in the dog days of summer.

Pro Builder / has discovered that a whopping 72% of Americans say that yards are at the top of their wish list. It’s time to get outdoors! Check out the entire article here.

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