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The Nation’s Hottest Housing Markets Have THIS in Common

There are certain real estate markets that are popular with buyers all over the country where homes are selling just a little bit faster. And they all have ONE big thing in common. A warranty would be our answer of course… but any guesses what it could be? Read all about it here

For our Real Estate Pro friends out there, did you know that in addition to our builder warranties for new construction, we also have a warranty for homes currently on the market?

The Key Estates Certified Warranty is coverage for a variety of appliances and systems (and even structural components!) in resale homes. The warranty is economical and covers more items as “standard” than other companies.

homeowners with AC unitReal Estate Professionals benefit directly from a Key Estates Warranty should an issue arise. Scrambling to negotiate last-minute deals over a faulty appliance or system are minimized and any problems that occur after closing won’t be a concern. The homeowner will call Key Estates’ Administrator directly with any issues,  saving you post-sale headaches. Using the Key Estates warranty will help you sell homes faster, increase your credibility, decrease listing times and gain more referrals.

What’s even better is the client can continue the coverage after the home sale is complete to extend the Home Warranty after they’ve moved into their new home.

AND, our most unique feature of the program is that we allow the homeowner to choose their own repair provider should a breakdown occur. Most extended warranty companies require homeowners to use their authorized service technicians and submit claim forms. Not at Key Estates! We believe the homeowner should be in control and pick a repair provider on their own volition. Plus, there are no claim forms to fill out. This approach allows greater confidence in who will show up at their door.

What’s covered and how much does the warranty cost? Check out this page:

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