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Cost Saving Tips for Your Bathroom Remodel

While you may have to press pause on installing solid gold faucets or a walk-in rain shower, there are plenty of ways to have a spectacular upgraded bathroom at a reasonable rate.

If you begin by setting clear goals and choose cost-effective materials you are well on your way. It also helps to have the assistance of a professional, who may be able to acquire new items at a discounted rate and help you decide if there are elements of your room you may be able to elegantly repurpose.

Bonus advice: Ask your remodeling professional if warranty coverage is included with their services. Not the manufacturer’s warranty on things like brand name faucets or flooring, but I’m talking about a quality term warranty that covers the whole scope of the project including workmanship, materials and structural components. Contractors using the HOME warranty will provide homeowners with the ultimate ‘upgrade’ — written, insured, peace of mind protection. If your remodeled bathroom or kitchen springs a leak or the new electrical wiring fails, you don’t have to stress. Having this level of security helps everyone sleep better at night.

Homeowners, we encourage you to mention HOME of Texas to your contractor and have them contact us for more info on our warranty options ….or if you just want to read more about household remodeling tips, check out houzz’s list of ten cost-controlling ideas here.

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